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When you give you are changing the lives of women like Be’ Wah Shee. She was only 15 when Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar (Burma) in 2008. Her parents were among the 250,000 people killed. Many girls, like Be’ Wah Shee, immediately became at risk to be taken advantage of and left without sustenance necessary to survive. Long-time GW global partner, Naw Paw Gaw met Be’ Wah Shee in a rural village and brought her to the Hope Center. Students at the center, funded in part by GW, are trained in traditional weaving. Be’ Wah Shee was shy, insecure, and lacking in confidence until she learned to work the large loom! She now contributes to her livelihood by selling items she makes and serves as the Hope Center associate director. Investments in Global Women have helped transform her life!

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