News from Haiti

February 18, 2015  | Maternal Health, Global Partner, GW Trip

Just in case you are not following the team on Facebook or Twitter, we did not want you to miss out on what is going on with them in Haiti. Yesterday, Ellen Sechrest (second from right) shared: A great day to be a Global Woman. Today we traveled to Petit Goave where we met a 6 day old baby. Then quickly ran over to see a new baby 4 minutes old waiting for the us and the birthing attendant (TBA) to arrive to cut the cord. Then off to meet 57 birthing attendants and 20 expectant moms who were in for a training. A marvelous day to be in Haiti with Misty Granade and Global Health Action leader Girija. Nathan, with Lantern Vision, who is filming a video on maternal health and the work of the TBAs for GW had asked in the initial planning stages of the trip if the team could witness a birth. We'd say he came pretty close!  

Remember, your investment in GW is an investment in global partnerships like the one in Haiti!