Bringing Hope

May 12, 2014  | Donate, Education, Global Partner

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Remember when you used to dream about what you were going to be when you grew up? Sometimes dreaming about the future is hard for children in Zambia. 1.1 million Zambians are living with HIV/AIDS, and at least 600,000 children have lost one or both parents to the disease. With an unemployment rate of about 50%, and 85% of the population living below the poverty line, seeing a future and hope can sometimes be difficult. However, Global Women is thankful to partner with Isubilo, to help young girls see a future and have hope! In fact, the word "Isubilo" mean "hope" in the local Bemba language. Students in the Isubilo extra lessons program attend government school and then go to Isubilo for extra lessons each school day. In Zambia, students only get to go to school for half a day. The students at Isubilo benefit from extra lessons every day, activities on Saturday morning, and an organization that is holding them accountable to stay in school. We are thankful to partner with Isubilo and help support their efforts to bring hope, so that girls like Ruth can dream of being a doctor some day! Ruth is one of the students in the extra lessons program at Isubilo. She is smiling big and dressed up as a doctor for a school day where they asked the students to dress as the profession they hope to be. I am thankful that Isubilo is bringing hope to Ruth and so many other students in Zambia.

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