Friday Five - Change a Woman's Story

December 06, 2013  | Donate, Global Partner, End Sex Trafficking, Education, Economic Development, Clean Water, Maternal Health

Over the last few weeks we have shared stories of how God is working through our global partners. Just incase you missed them, take a few minutes, read these stories, and be encouraged by how God is working around the world!

1. Pobitra's story Pobitra

2. Luda's story  

3. Beh Wah Shee's story 20130607-171354.jpg

4. Mierim's story

5. Maya's story Stories are changing, but the work is not done! There are still women around the world that do not have access to an education, a good job, or proper maternal health care. There are still women who are enslaved in sex trafficking, or lack access to clean water. Global Women is on a mission to help change the stories of 1700 women in 2014. Will you join us? GiveAGift_Logo_Final