Praying for Moldova

December 13, 2013  | Pray, Donate, Global Partner, End Sex Trafficking


Today I am thinking about and praying for the women that I met at camp in Moldova this past June. I am also praying for our global partners Yulia and Natasha and all of the Beginning of Life staff! Will you read this poem written by board member Janet Anderson and join me in praying for the women in Moldova? Beginning Of Life

This bleak country, Moldova, Mostly scrub grass, Muddy ruts where land Cannot retain composure, A place of impoverished Means and dreams. Vultures with mothering Arms of deception, Come circling with promises Of foreign cities And a path to succeed. Who would expect to be locked away, Lose their name, Dwell in a place Beyond hope and prayer? Girls, who disappear, Who are swallowed whole To sweat in the bath Of men after men after men, Who search for signs, God among the madness, But stuff stones into their hearts To bear each corrosive day. Familiar dominating rhythms Pitch to primitive songs, As they are gutted and soiled, Such acts of violation, The charge to dance and bed The breath and blood of sex, Each stage as desperate as the last, For girls who lay beneath machines, Who feel forgotten In a place where thieves never wither, Whose spirits trying to root amid ruin, Have shut down like tombs. Anger as cold and piercing As a hook Snags them, keeps them thrashing Fishtailed in self-loathing. Oh sweet girl, precious sister, Beloved daughter, Who is starving To rise from the depths of despair And air out, The world does not always Permit poetic endings. Strength dear one, Though you feel diminished, Courage though you do not Feel courageous, Know there are survivors Bulging with life, Fear and genitals no longer matter, They have smoothed The edges of destruction, Cleared a path along the way For you too. Though sadness still trembles Beneath the skin, Memories seep from pores, Bones, like plucked white roots, Ache from the release of darkness, The spirit of God Is drawing them forth, Clothing their spiritual poverty, Offering His mercy key To transform burdens into blessings. It's a dangerous time, healing, When the soul is afraid To let the heart surface again, But God is rinsing through, The God of mornings and fresh beginnings, The God who yearns For you to feel at home, Is building in Chisinau, Not just a sheltering space, But a golden presence Where warmth and nourishment Spill and inspire Through the gentle hands Of Yulia and Natasha At Beginning Of Life. These faithful neighbors, Motivated to do His will, Salvage parts, Restore authenticity, With stillness for mending, And prayers for pressing on. Their arms like safety nets, Carry bandages and flowers For recovery, Cradle a conspiracy of Joy, Thread the seams of living With a savior, Working for justice and love In a world devoid of them, Offering a place of resurrection, A chance to feel of worth again. Janet Johnson Anderson, 2013, GW Board Member GiveAGift_Logo_Final