A Story Changed for Lyudmila and Her Children

December 10, 2013  | Donate, Global Partner, End Sex Trafficking

Through Global Women partnerships, women's stories, and those of their children, are changing for the better. GW global partner, Yulia Ubeivolc

GW global partner, Yulia Ubeivolc

Lyudmila is from a very poor family in Moldova. Her father died when she was seven, and her mother started drinking. Because she was the oldest child, she had to take care of her siblings, so she got a job working in the field for a small amount of money. 

When she got older, her cousin suggested she go to work as a nanny in Turkey. Unfortunately, this was a trick, and for three months before leaving for Turkey she was abused in Moldova.  She was moved to a hotel in Istanbul where she was sexually abused, kept as a slave, and forced to service men day and night for several years. She eventually escaped and made her way back to Moldova.  When she returned home with her three children, she had no where to go.  It seemed like there was no hope until she found Beginning of Life's  program for women that have been trafficked. Yulia Ubeivolc, a trained psychologist and social worker and GW global partner, helped her begin the restoration and healing process. The kids weren't in school because they did not have winter clothing or school supplies.  Yulia responded to help meet their immediate needs, and helped them begin to change their story for the better. Lyudmila's story has changed. She is more confident, has a decent paying job as a shop assistant, and her children are in school. She is thankful for the support from Yulia and Beginning of Life staff, who have become her friends and family! Lyudmila's is only one of many women's stories that are changing½with support from Global Women this past year. Your gifts to Global Women during 2013 can help change stories for more than 1,700 women through our 2014 projects and partnerships. Would you consider making a generous end-of-year gift that will change another woman's story?