A week of giving THANKS!

November 22, 2013  | Donate, Global Partner, Economic Development, GW Trip


Next week is all about giving thanks! But I thought, why not kick it off a little early!? As I think about the Nepal team traveling back to the States tomorrow, I want to say THANKS!

BZPOFhbCUAAog9I.jpg-large Thanks to the Ann, Cindy, Misty and Nancy, aka the GW Nepal team! I am thankful they gave up their time to teach a skill and spend time with women in Nepal. How awesome is it that we can learn from and serve with people on the other side of the world!? Thanks to our global partner Sangte! Thanks for being an amazing woman making a difference in the world, and thanks for hosting our team! I am thankful GW gets to be a part of your story and your work! Thanks to all the women that traveled from all over Nepal to the sewing training!These women learned new skills, and now will teach those skills at their sewing centers.


I want to share a little insight into life at a sewing center. Here is another poem written by Global Women board member Janet Anderson. 777 Pokhara A gold and blue sari Drapes one shoulder, Twists around her waist. With a meek voice, Butterscotch skin, And ruby smile She welcomes me. She is fighting a war Few understand, Winning, coins at a time, With beads and silks, Immune to the hazards Of mercy As she lifts others Onto the holy tract. The steady stream of tea Fills the room where we sit Side by side in friendship, And when sorrow Is too deep to speak of, Stilled in prayer and presence. In this country That rolls over women, Sewing machines And those who have escaped Abuse and poverty Are rebuilding lives Stitch by stitch. Many walk three hours Through monsoon flooding And landslides, Through extreme heat, When illness, poverty, hunger, family Could easily discourage them. "Jei Ma See" they say, "Praise the Messiah" For a bare room, Stools and treadles, For a floor as the fabric table, For small fans that partially cool When electricity is available. A wisp of incense Consecrated and smoking Heavenward, The hiss of hot irons Simmer amid mountain air, The emerging dreams Tailored by faith, By the loving power of God, By the gut-bracing strength Of indigenous women Like Sangte here in Nepal. How the Lord of veils And hardships Holds them like a mother Mourning her daughters, Embracing, whispering, Kissing their bruises, And starvation-thin frames. How the Lord of change And recovery Gathers them like flowers, Transplants them From the ruin of rot and weeds To fertile soil To nourish their greening, Strengthen their blooming hearts. I collect my shoes From the pile of sandals On the stoop And bid blessings And farewells, Wishing my flight home Was like a great bird That glides along the beach Flying low, Offering safety in its shadow. I want to do more Than write poems. ¶Janet Johnson Anderson, 2013, GW Board Member To see more pictures from the Nepal trip please click here. Please pray for the team as they travel tomorrow! What are you thankful for today? Leave a comment below and let me know!