Birthing Kits - A New Plan

October 28, 2014  | Maternal Health, Global Partner, Donate

GHA staff passing out birthing kits

GHA staff passing out birthing kits

Did you know that Global Women will send 1,400 birthing kits to our global partner in Haiti this year? We have been sending birthing kits to different places in the world for 13 years. Each kit represents a mom and baby that have been helped. I want to say a huge thanks to each person that packed a zip lock bag full of life giving supplies. Thanks to every group that gathered and put that razor blade inside the pillbox along with each item on the list. Thanks, thanks, thanks! We want to celebrate all this great work! We also want to announce a new way of doing birthing kits. Next year will be the fifth year we have partnered with the Traditional Birthing Attendant (TBA) program at Global Health Action (GHA). Haiti has the highest maternal mortality ratio in the Western Hemisphere, and we are exited to partner with an organization that is working to change that. The GHA program involves a monthly meeting for TBAs where they receive additional training on things like how to look for the dangerous signs in childbirth. They also report on the births they attended to for the month and have an opportunity to share stories and be in community. As you know, we have asked groups in the States to purchase supplies and pack the birthing kits. Then, we put them in old suitcases and get teams to bring them over the Haiti. Next year, we are going to do this differently. We have worked with GHA to figure out a way to purchase the supplies in Haiti.This is great news for a lot of reasons. By purchasing the supplies in Haiti:

  • We can support their local economy.
  • We will cut out the cost of shipping the kits in the States and the extra luggage fee to get the kits to Haiti. This means more funds to help train the TBAs and help women and children.
  • We no longer will be adding to the trash problem. In the past we sent the kits in old suitcases that later get thrown away. According to the Solid Waste Association of North America, there is only infrastructure to collect 20% of the more than 1,700 tons of solid trash produced each day in the Port-au-Prince metro area. These old suitcases were just adding to this trash problem.
  • We will help this program move one step towards sustainability. We want this program to be around for a long time, and by purchasing the supplies in country we are taking steps in the right direction.

There is one thing about this that will stay the same. We need YOU! We still want to be able to supply the same number of birthing kits and support for the TBA program next year. Now you have the opportunity to supply the birthing kits and support the TBA program at the same time! So we are asking all our groups that put together birthing kits in the past and new groups/individuals as well to send support for at least one TBA. By donating $234 you can help support one TBA for a year. For each $234 you send, one TBA will be able to attend monthly trainings, help 30 moms and 30 babies, and have 30 birthing kits. How many TBAs can you help support next year? Maternal Health copy