Christmas Prayers

December 24, 2013  | Pray, Education, Donate

Merry Christmas! Will you join us each day this week as we pray about the five issues that Global Women seeks to address: sex trafficking, clean water, maternal health, education and economic empowerment. Today we are praying about education. Millions of girls lack the access to a basic education. Educating a young woman can lead to increased job opportunities and increased wages. It can also decrease the chances of a young woman being a victim of trafficking. Join us today in praying for the young women around the world that do not have access to an education.  kristin 5

Lord I pray for young women and girls around the world that lack the opportunity for a basic education. I have seen first hand communities where girls did not have a chance to go to school.  I pray for protection for all the girls that are daily fighting against the obstacles that keep them from going to school. Lord protect them from child marriage, cultures that say girls are not worthy of an education, and any other obstacles they might face. Lord change the world through education.  Raise up local leaders that value educating girls and boys. Build better communities around the world for girls, boys, women, and men through education.  Show us new ways we can be involved in your work around the world to provide schooling opportunities for girls. Thank you for the opportunities we have in 2014 to help girls go to school. Thank you for how you are now and will continue to change women's stories through education. Amen GiveAGift_Logo_Final