Christmas Prayers

December 23, 2013  | Pray, End Sex Trafficking, Global Partner, Donate

Merry Christmas! Will you join us each day this week as we pray about the five issues that Global Women seeks to address: sex trafficking, clean water, maternal health, education and economic empowerment. Today we are praying for victims of sex trafficking and for those leading prevention programs. Join us today in praying this blessing written by GW Board Member Janet Anderson for our global partners that are seeking ways to prevent sex trafficking and bringing hope to those that have been victims.    Natasha and Yulia

Global Partners Natasha and Yulia[/caption] Dear God, Bless Yulia and Natasha for the many ways they lift our sisters up from despair and the dangers that lurk in the darkness of life.  Just as Christ is a divine fire whose light calls to us like a beacon...His healing and renewing warmth radiating out to meet us as we draw near to Him...Yulia and Natasha too ignite hearts and guide the lost to detect the aroma of Your flame, to draw near to that fire. How precious to us at Global Women that they bring God's daughters out of chaos to commune and rely on You. God, how grateful we are that Yulia and Natasha give so much of themselves to provide comfort and tender strength for those women in need.  Bless our dear friends with your abundant love and support.  May Christmas be bright for them, and for the women they serve who face much darkness in their life.