Christmas Prayers

December 25, 2013  | Pray, Clean Water, Donate

Merry Christmas! Will you join us each day this week as we pray about the five issues that Global Women seeks to address: sex trafficking, clean water, maternal health, education and economic empowerment. Today we are praying about access to clean water. Millions of hours are lost around the world each day collecting water. And most of the water collection is done by women and children. This is time spent away from school, jobs and families. On top of time lost, the water collected is often contaminated. Join us today in praying this prayer written by GW Board Member Laura Savage-Rains.  IMG_4965

O God and Creator of the Waters, Would you please bless all the water-bearers-- the young girls who must carry water buckets too heavy for their small bodies the mothers who must retrieve disease-infested water from a village well too far away to cook for their families the older women who are enslaved to manual labor of washing others' clothes in a filthy riverbed Would you please provide more water-bearers-- who can provide better means of water transportation to relieve the crippling effects on young girls' bodies who can install water filters to heal whole families and villages from preventable water-borne illnesses who can bring help and technology to places that need better ways to use women's abilities Would you please remind us -the Living Water-bearers-- that even our small financial gifts toward clean water projects do make a difference that our wastefulness and pollution of water is affecting Your creation and our children's future world that our willingness to bring the Living Water to others is worth our best efforts In the Name of the One Who Still Offers Living Water, Jesus the Christ, Amen