End of the Year Goal Announced

November 03, 2014  | Economic Development, End Sex Trafficking, Maternal Health, Clean Water, Education, Donate

Our end of the year campaign begins today! We look forward to you taking part by donating, sharing this giving opportunity with your family and friends, and faithfully reading this blog each week to learn how your gifts help change a woman's story! Global Women projects that only $80,000 is needed to reach our 2014 budget! If the average number of donors from the past four years all give just $216.25 each before the end of the year we would meet our 2014 budget. We are looking forward to receiving checks, on-line credit card gifts, and/or stock donations so that we can celebrate in 2015 what we have accomplished together! Did you know that GW prefers to end each year with the money on hand committed to our global partners in the next year? That means for every dollar above $80,000 given before the end of the year, we are that much closer to the 2015 global partnership budget of $155,100. The lives of at least 2,977 women through the 17 projects of 12 global partners in 9 countries will be touched next year. Here are examples of how your donation may be used: $18 - sewing supplies for one women in Romania. $40 - medical supplies for one woman in the community health care training course in Myanmar. $47 - sewing supplies for one woman in sewing training in Myanmar. $93 - support for one girl to attend school in India. $95 - computer training for one woman in Myanmar.  $100 - a week of camp for one vulnerable woman in Moldova. $137 - a goat and training on raising it for one woman to provide for her family in Haiti. $142 - art therapy for one vulnerable woman in Moldova. $180 - traditional loom weaving training for one woman at the Hope Center in Myanmar. $200 - one BioSand filter and training on its use and care for a family in Zambia. $234 - ongoing training and supplies for one Traditional Birthing Attendant (TBA) in Haiti. $250 - scholarships for one student to attend community health care training in Myanmar.  $250 - sewing training for one refugee woman in Uganda. $316 - school fees, extra lessons, and programming for one girl in Zambia. $500 - trafficking prevention for one vulnerable woman in Comrat, Moldova. $750 - trafficking prevention and support for one young woman in Central Asia. $833 - a teacher and sewing training for one woman in Central Asia. Every dollar makes a difference! Please give generously!