Five things you can read in our VOICES newsletter

October 18, 2013  | GW Trip, GW Event, Global Partner

Did you know that through our quarterly newsletter VOICES we share the voices of the indigenous Christian women who are our global partners, the voices of the women with whom they work, as well as voices of western global women who are our staff and board members, Global Women Summit participants, donors, and/or ones who have traveled with GW to work alongside a global partner.


As a VOICESreader there are many things you can count on in each dynamic issue. Here are just five of them:

  1. A heartfelt word from our executive director, Cindy Dawson
  2. Testimonials of how dollars invested in GW are making a difference
  3. Global partnership updates
  4. Trip opportunities and reports
  5. Global Women Summit information

You can receive VOICES in your mailbox or receive an email when a new issue has been posted to our website. Just contact us and let us know your preference! We look forward to hearing from you. On the website you will discover past issues of VOICES. Reading them is a wonderful way to connect with GW, especially if you are new to our work! If you are a VOICES reader, please leave a comment about what you enjoy most or what you would like to see that is not regularly in an issue of the newsletter. We enjoy staying connected with you, whether it is here via our blog, through our Facebook posts, tweets, or VOICES newsletter. You are an important part of the Global Women story!