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May 01, 2014  | Donate, Global Partner, End Sex Trafficking, Maternal Health, Clean Water, Education, Economic Development

We have a very exciting announcement to make! But before we can do that, here is a Global Women update on 5 different ways Global Women is addressing our 5 initiatives. MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL THE WAY TO THE END TO HEAR SOME BIG NEWS YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

Economic copy

1. Economic Development - Young women in Myanmar like Naw Lillian Say are learning to earn an income and provide a much needed skill to their communities. Lillian dreamed of being a nurse, but her parents could not afford to send her to get training. However, she heard about the ZOE Center ran by our global partner Paw Gaw. She received a scholarship for community health care training and is currently working on finishing this 6 month program. Paw Gaw reports that Lillian is doing well in the training and says, "Because of the support from Global Women, there are many women who have felt the love and care of God. We can empower their lives and especially lead them to feel the power of God's love."

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2. End Sex Trafficking - On March 17th our global partners in Moldova, Yulia and Natasha at Beginning of Life, started a new element to their rehabilitation process. They started a pottery class! They told us, "This class gives us an opportunity and live example to show traumatized women how God holds us in his hands and takes care of us. And how He makes us beautiful, as a vessel formed from a shapeless piece of clay."


      Clean Water copy 3. CleanWater - Did you hear that we were able to send funds for 40 bio sand filters to Seeds of Hope Zambia? This means that 40 homes where women are the head of the household will be able to purify their water for a lifetime! Thanks to all that gave to our first water week!  

  Education copy

4. Education - Young girls in Zambia that attend Isubilo's extra lesson program had a very exciting April! Public schools in Zambia are not in session during the month of April, however the students at Isubilo get to keep on learning! Isubilo runs a full day extra lessons program for 2 weeks. The focuses of these lessons are literacy, math, and english for grades 1-6 and review and revision for grades 7-12. Isublio staff reports that, "We have seen a huge improvement in our kids through the extra lessons program and the kids especially love the full day lessons because they get a full nshima lunch!  Also, for Easter, Isubilo had a big party for all the students.  Everyone had an amazing day!"

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      Maternal Health copy

5. Maternal Health - Monthly refresher courses put on by our global partner GHA for Traditional Birthing Attendants (TBAs) are really making a difference! I attended one of these trainings a few weeks ago. This training was about the importance of knowing when to take a woman to the hospital. Traditionally, women have their children in their home, however an important role of the TBA is to know when the woman needs to go to the hospital.  The next day after the meeting, we spoke with one of the TBAs named Maria.  She told us that after the meeting, she was called to help a woman give birth. When she showed up, she saw one of the deadly signs and rushed the woman to the hospital.  The woman was okay and had a healthy baby thanks to Maria getting her to the hospital so quickly. We are thankful to partner with Global Health Action to save lives in Haiti.


Maria and her family.           

As you can see, your donation to Global Women truly does make a difference all around the world! And for the month of May it gets even better! That's right, it is our 2nd May Matching Challenge! A generous donor will match any amount given during the month of May up to $10,000. Click here to donate and follow the results all month on Facebook Help us reach our goal to raise $10,000 during the month of May!