Friday Five: Five Highlights from this Week in Moldova

August 09, 2013  | GW Trip, Global Partner, End Sex Trafficking


The team of Kim Looney, Suzann Fenton, Jean Taff, and Kristin Barringer, was welcomed to Chisinau, by global partner, Yulia Ubeivolc (second from left). After a day seeing all the exciting new things Beginning of Life (BoL) is doing, it was off to camp. Here are five highlights from the week:

1. Serving alongside our global partners. The BoL team, with support from the GW team, led the campers (and their children) through lessons and activities to help them better understand themselves and God's plan for their lives. Image

Serving together also gave us time to build relationships among team members. Kristin said they are a good team and she would travel anywhere with Kim, Jean, and Suzann!


2. Being a part of the activities. On the night the focus was on the body, everyone broke into groups for different activities. Kristin helped do hair, Kim did exercises, Suzann held babies, and Jean helped prepare a fruit salad for a healthy snack!Image

3. Exploring keys to a personality pleasing to God. Kristin helped in the theme interpretation skit (Suzann was the angel once too). Each day focused on another personality "key "and how these will open a treasure chest of God's love! Each woman was given a different key charm daily for her bracelet, a visual reminder of the theme for that day! Image

4. Building relationships. Kim's desire to strengthen relationships from last summer and begin building new ones was realized. She also got to practice her Russian! Getting to know the BOL team, the women, and their children, has been a blessing for Global Women! Image

5.  Laughing together. On the day the theme was emotions it was carried out in all that we did! The campers had to make Kim, Suzann, or Jean laugh before they could enter for breakfast.  It was really funny to watch!


Remember the modeling clay Kristin and Suzann made? It was used by the campers to create a model of camp. One of the women described the completed project this way: We put green trees and lots of green to represent optimism and open to new things.  We have many houses and people are having good rest, some are swimming, some are jumping, some are reading the Bible, some are working with flowers, and some are listening to a Bible lesson. We are doing everything together.  Our camp is open and always accepting.  There are many benches around for people. Some people are doing crafts and we are learning new things. The sun is big because it accepts us all.  Our Son is always bright because it is from God. Our Son is wearing glasses to see us better because what we are doing is interesting to God. The beads represent different ideas and BoL is teaching us put those ideas in order.  We have written BoL because all that is happening here is thanks to BoL.

At the end of the week, the BoL team agreed: It's the best camp has ever been!