Friday Five - Global Women PRAY

June 21, 2013  | Pray, Global Partner, Economic Development

This friday we will would like to share with you five prayer request we brought back from the women in Burma (Myanmar).  They truly count on our prayers and value that people on the other side of the world are praying for them. From Burma, pray for:

1. The four young ladies living at the Hope Center located outside of Yangon. This partnership program of the ZOE Development Center, is helping these vulnerable women gain direction for life as they participate in the "Loom Project," which teaches them to weave and sew. Also pray for Moo-sah, the faithful director of this program. [wpvideo qegtYSVd]

2. The request of the students who are about to completed Community Health Care Training Program at the ZOE Development Center: to find jobs as medical assistants,  to apply what they have learned to help others in need, to finish strong with good grades as they complete their final exams this week, to have continuing education opportunities, for good health for them and their family members, to raise awareness concerning health issues in their villages, and to put God first in their lives.




3. Naw Aye Nyunt Maw, Naw Aye Cho Cho, and Naw Thin Thin Nge.  These three young nurses were able to graduate a few years ago from the Community Health Care Training Program thanks to scholarship funds made available by Global Women.  Pray they will continue to improve their skills and that they will grow in confidence as they work in the local hospital. IMG_7310Naw Aye Nyunt Maw, Naw Aye Cho Cho, and Naw Thin Thin Nge

4. The women who attended the pastors' wives training that they were encouraged and able to return to their communities as stronger and more confident leaders.



5. Paw Gaw as she seeks to develop a new "Trafficking Prevention Project."  This project will eventually train volunteer staff to lead trafficking and sexual violence awareness programs, and provide community support groups in 8 different villages in Myanmar.