Friday Five: Moldova Bound in Five Days!

July 26, 2013  | GW Trip, Global Partner, End Sex Trafficking

This is a guest blog post from Kim Looney. She traveled with Global Women to Moldova in 2012, and she is excited to travel back in five days!  She is married to William Looney, and they live in Memphis, Tennessee.
With just a few days before leaving for Moldova, it's hard to narrow down my excitement to only five things.  Here goes ... I am excited to:
1. Reconnect with the women and children I met last year and give them great big hugs._MG_7650
2. Hold babies and be goofy with the kids as we play games, make crafts, and spend our free time together. _MG_2103
3. Start my days off by moving around and dancing at our early morning exercises. _MG_4173
4. Practice my Russian and not take myself too seriously when I can't understand others or say what I want to say._MG_3170
5. Spend six days of my life at a camp with women from opposite sides of the world, who have been all over the world and have their own stories to tell, and to know that for these six days our stories are woven together in love and forever changed.
whole group2
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