Friday Five - Reflecting on my time in Moldova

August 23, 2013  | GW Trip, Global Partner, End Sex Trafficking

I have been back from Moldova for just over a week now, and I am still trying to process the whole trip. One of the things that I love about my job is that I get to meet AMAZING people all over the world that are doing amazing things. We should all be encouraged and reminded that God is at work in our world! Here are five ways I saw God at work while I was in Moldova visiting our global partners Yulia and Natasha with Beginning of Life (BoL):


The BoL and GW team

1. BoL is bringing so much hope. My heart continues to break as I remember the stories of the women. They are filled with abuse, pain, suffering, and darkness. But I find peace knowing that there are people like Yulia and Natasha bringing light into this darkness. God is at work through them and I am happy Global Women gets to be a part of the hope they are bringing.

2. BoL is making a difference. I got to spend some time with the women at House of Change (one the ministries of BoL and all the women living there were with us at camp) and I asked the girls what BoL meant to them and they said: "BoL is like family; BoL is like heaven, but at the same time we realize we have to make something of ourselves after we leave; BoL gives us wings and then we have to move on to a healthy life."   Natasha and Yulia

Natasha and Yulia

3. You are going to LOVE meeting Natasha at the Summit. I also got to ask the women at House of Change to share words to describe Natasha. They said: "She has a big heart; She is really funny; She is like a mother to us; She doesn't have girls (she has two boys), so we are her girls; She is always happy; She is understanding and good for me." 4. Jean, Suzann, Kim and I make a great team! GW trips are all about learning and serving, and I think we did both of those things really well together. Plus we had a lot of fun! We seemed to fit so well with the BoL staff. They treated us just like a member of their team and we jumped in and helped wherever we could! It was such a beautiful picture of the body at work together!


Jean, me, Kim, Suzann

5. Our prayers mean a lot! We need to continue to pray with Yulia and Natasha for the work of BoL. Natasha helped me collected prayer request, and she was always quick to say, "Global Women is a group that actually will pray for what you ask." It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about that! We are an organization that believes in prayer. Let us continue to pray for God's work through Beginning of Life! And here is just a little Friday the camp talent show we sang This Little Light of Mine: [wpvideo SjikjSqG] Do you have any questions about my recent trip to Moldova? Leave them in the comments below and I will make sure to answer them!