Friday Five - Travel Reflections

May 31, 2013  | GW Trip, Global Partner, End Sex Trafficking

Did you know that Cindy, Kristin, and Karen, one of our board members, arrive in Burma (Myanmar) today? Thinking about what they will experience has me reflecting on my first GW trip. I'd like to share five things I liked with you. 1. Experiencing a new culture. Cindy Dawson and I were part of a conference in Turkey for amazing Christian women from Central Asia. I learned so much from them. Each morning I was awakened with the Call to Prayer, smelled new smells, photographed new sites, and began friendships I will always cherish.

Trudy enjoying a day in Istanbul

2. Experiencing genuine worship.  Sharing joyful singing, seeing the emotional release from oppression through dance, and hearing heartfelt praying has left me with a yearning to know the deep faith of my Sisters from Central Asia. Knowing they live in dark places where their Christian commitment could lead to imprisonment or death calls me to reflection and prayer on a regular basis. 3. Experiencing "8 March" or International Women's Day in Moldova. GW's global partner, Beginning of Life (BOL), observed the day with teachers and administrators from the schools in Chisinau that welcome their trafficking prevention programs.Cindy and I were also a part of a pizza party and IWD celebration with at-risk and formerly trafficked girls at BOL's House of Changes rehabilitation center. Three educators at the BOL International Women's Day celebration

Three educators at the BOL International Women's Day celebration

4. Experiencing the impact of a global partner's ministry. After leaving the transformational program of the House of Changes women and girls are equipped for a "normal" life. In the four years the center has been in operation, 30 of 51 women have been restored to a life that may include continuing education, employment, marriage, and/or reunification with their families. 5. Experiencing village life in Moldova. Lack of access to higher education and employment contributes to the vulnerability of girls and young women who are lured by traffickers into modern day slavery. Having seen the village first-hand, I am better equipped to understand how this trickery happens and how to pray for the victims.

Still common form of transportation

Still common form of transportation

There could be a Global Women experience in your future! We will return to Nepal in November. We are planning trips for 2014. Leave a comment and let us know where you would like to go on a GW trip next year.