GW Prays

October 21, 2014  | Pray

PrayerConnectionsIcon (1) We know that prayer is important to our global partners and we hear from you that it is to you as well. Will you join us in praying for GW, our global partners, and others affected by the issues represented in our five initiatives? Here are daily suggestions: Sunday - What can I do for vulnerable women? Monday - End sex trafficking Tuesday - Clean Water Wednesday - Maternal Health Thursday - Education Friday - Economic Development Saturday - GW Board and Staff We also invite you to receive Prayer Connections our monthly prayer e-newsletter. It may contain a global partner's or vulnerable woman's story as well as specific confidential requests. Our partners know we are sharing them with those persons who are committed to praying but the requests are not available anywhere else. If you wish to be added to the distribution list, email us your request at Thanks for joining us in prayer!