GW Summit: Life-changing event

March 18, 2014  | GW Event

What a great Summit!  I love coming every year and am always so inspired. We have received numerous emails and phone calls telling us how much being at the summit meant to the attendees.


Former Board member, Nell Lockhart, who was presented with the first Global Heart Award during the International Women's Day observance, shares: Hopefully we are recalling the great messages we heard at the summit; new friendships formed; the prayer experience; conversations with Natasha, Phoebe, and Anara; and expanding our view of the world and Global Women's place in it.

We were fortunate to have Jennifer Harris Dault report on the event and invite you to read her story

Here are just a few of the summit highlights:

The interactive prayer experience gave attendees an understanding of the five issues addressed through GW global partnerships.


Investigative sessions focused on the five GW issues and our response.

Natasha session

The marketplace is always a popular summit feature.


The Global Runway helped us understand life for women in many of the countries of the world!

global runway

Watch for the next issue of our newsletter VOICES for more photos and stories from the summit. #GWSummit2014