GW Team Leaves for Nepal Tomorrow!

November 08, 2013  | GW Trip, Global Partner, Economic Development, Donate


Happy Friday! I hope you did not miss the blog post Cindy wrote about Pobitra earlier this week. Tomorrow the GW team will travel to Nepal to visit with women just like Pobitra. Do you want to learn more about our global partner Sangte and her 777 Sewing Schools? Check out these 5 posts:

1. Give a Gift, Change a Woman's Story 

2. Misty Granade and Her Thoughts on Nepal

3. Life at a Sewing Center in Nepal 

4. Pray for Nepal 

5. Pray for the GW Team Want to go on a GW trip in 2014? Check out our 2014 Trip Flyer to read more about our trip to Haiti in April and our trip to Moldova in June! Leave a comment below and let me know if you are interested!