Happy Thanksgiving from Global Women

November 25, 2013  | Donate, End Sex Trafficking, Global Partner


It is almost Thanksgiving! Retailers have been trying to get us ready for weeks but now it's time for all the things you do to get your home ready for friends and family or to get ready to travel to be with friends and family! While admittedly it can be a difficult time of the year for individuals and families facing difficult times or painful memories, it is undeniably a holiday that has family and friends at its heart. A family to love her was Luda's heart's desire. When she was eight her uncle began to sell her to men in the neighborhood and even to other family members. When counselors at Beginning of Lifemet her, she was an angry and aggressive 17-year-old who wanted nothing to do with God or anyone else. Yet, in her heart, she ached for someone to love her and become family to her.  She found that, at the House of Change where she received counseling, job skill training, and assistance to go to college.  She also found a God who loves her and a house full of sisters and aunts who love her and her little daughter.  Luda is now standing stronger and taller, and has become a leader for other broken women in the same program she graduated from. When I had the privilege of being in Moldova two years ago I met Luda. She was fairly new to the House of Change and the hurt and anger of her past showed on her face. But so did the dawn of hope and a future. It has thrilled me to see new photos of her and hear from GW team members of her growth over the last two years. Luda's hunger for home and a family has been met. However, there are so many others like her! We are thankful for our GW global partners at Beginning of Life! And we are thankful for you and your end-of-the year gifts! When you give a gift, you help change a woman's life!


What are you thankful for this year? Leave us a comment, we'd like to know!