Job Skills Bring Dignity and Hope

November 18, 2014  | Economic Development, Global Partner, Donate

During the months of November and December we want to celebrate all that God has done through our global partners by sharing a story with you each Tuesday. Our global partners are making a huge impact in lives of vulnerable women. Read along each week to learn more, and please share these stories with your friends. We hope that as you read these stories you are reminded of how God is at work in the world and the impact you can have by supporting Global Women. Thanks for standing up for vulnerable women around the world! Naw Bwe Htoo has five siblings and her parents are farmers on a small piece of land in Myanmar. Her family experienced a lot of financial struggles. This year Naw Bwe Htoo was given the opportunity to come to the ZOE Development Center for community health care training ran by our global partner Paw Gaw. She graduated this past summer and now works at the Ni Ni Clinic. Through this job, she is able to help support her parents. Paw Gaw writes to us about Naw Bwe Htoo saying, "She loves God. She thanks GW and ZOE Center for helping her to be a woman who can support her parents." We are so thankful that Naw Bwe Htoo has a skill that gives her dignity and the opportunity to earn an income. [caption id="attachment_1412" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Students from the ZOE Central traveling to a remote village to provide healthcare.

Students from the ZOE Center traveling to a remote village to provide healthcare.[/caption] We are so thankful for how God is working through our global partner Naw Paw Gaw in Myanmar. Will you join us in praying for all of our global partners and donating to support their work? Click here to donate and click here to learn how your gift can make an impact.

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