More than just new clothes!

December 20, 2013  | Donate, Global Partner, Economic Development

Today my only child turns 30! Where have the years gone? I easily remember all the hopes and dreams I had for that much-anticipated baby and the joy being his mother continues to be. But what a difference birthplace and gender can make in someone's life! Each time I hear the statement I am going to share with you, my heart aches just a little more for my sisters in places like Nepal. Many there hold the belief that to be born a woman means you have done something terrible in a past life. That belief colors how girls are treated which means very limited opportunities for them to be more than mere property. Before she learned to sew at the Global Women-sponsored 777 Sewing School,Kusum Lama did not have a skill that would enable her to support herself and her family, nor did she have a chance to learn one. In Nepal, having a skill is equal to having worth. Here she is proudly modeling an outfit made with "her own two hands." It is the first outfit she ever made!  When asked how it makes her feel, Kusum Lama replied: It feels great!  I now have a skill and worth. I can do something to help my family!


Kusum Lama prays she will be able to complete the seven-month course, though it is challenging and dangerous to walk many hours to class and difficult to be away from her family for so long.  But, as she wears her new clothes, she also wears a confidence and pride that is causing her to stand tall.


Will you give a gift and change a woman's life? Your investment in GW is an investment in Kusum Lama and all the women like her who are part of the holistic programs led by our global partners! What would you like to say to Kusum Lama and the other sewing students to encourage them to continue with their training?