Friday Five - Mother's Day Weekend

May 10, 2013  | Maternal Health, Donate, Global Partner

Happy Mother's Day weekend and welcome to the Friday Five, a time each week where we share five quick things!  In honor of Mother's Day we are sharing five things about maternal health and our partners in Haiti:

1. Haiti is the Western Hemisphere's most dangerous place to give birth.

2. For every 100,000 births, 650 women die.

3. Our global partners Fredlaine, Mirlaine, and Global Health Action (GHA) are working hard to change those statistics.

Fredlaine and Mirlaine

4. In the past three months Traditional Birthing Attendants (TBAs) have attended to 184 live births using clean birthing kits.  IMG_0532

One TBA and three of her healthy new mothers

5. So far, GW has sent over 500 clean delivery kits to our partner in Haiti this year. 


In honor of Mother's Day, join us in praying for our partners GHA, Mirlaine and Fredlaine and maternal health in Haiti and around the world! Finally, for a little extra Mother's Day treat, check out this video of the TBAs in Haiti learning about hand washing.  Having clean hands for delivery is very important! [wpvideo DR4WVsEf] Want to help support Mirlaine and our other global partners?  Join the $10,000 May Matching Challenge. Double your gift and improve the lives of women around the world!