Vision and Mission: A Note from the GW Board President

October 15, 2013  | GW Event, Global Partner

This is a guest blog post from Kristin Rogers. Kristin is president of the Global Women Board of Directors. She lives in Oklahoma City and is the Minister for Administration and Children at First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City. 

Kristin with the GW Summit mug.

I am too often convinced I know exactly where I'm going. How about you? I set out with no directions, no GPS, and then suddenly I'm lost. It happens most frequently in my own town. I should know where I am, right? Wrong! Sometimes we think we know exactly where we're headed, but it turns out we never had a clue. It's embarrassing and a waste of time. At Global Women, we think it's very important for us to know exactly where we are going so that we don't waste time, energy, or the precious resources that come to us from our donors - you! As President of the Board of Global Women, I want to tell you that we do know where we are going. You need to know so that you can be excited with us about the direction that God is leading us to work.

Our vision at Global Women is to see every woman empowered by the love of God, valued by her community, and equipped to fulfill her unique purpose. I love this vision because it is so powerful. Stop to think about the global impact of every woman being empowered by the love of God. Women would be strengthened and encouraged to love others, seek and find justice, and transform their communities. In turn, their communities would value these women and their efforts, leading to every woman being equipped to fulfill the purpose God has given her. It's a picture of a transformed world and we are doing our part to bring this into being. But how do we do that? It sounds great, but where do we start?

Your Global Women Board felt it was important to define how our organization works to fulfill this vision. Here is our mission statement, our map to bringing this vision to life: Motivated by Christ, Global Women acts as a catalyst for positive change on behalf of vulnerable women as we partner with indigenous Christian women leaders and like-minded organizations.

We are motivated by Christ. Ultimately only God can fulfill this vision, and we believe God is calling us to be a part of it. We seek out women who are vulnerable, those who are affected by sex trafficking, maternal health, education, economic empowerment, and clean water. There are many issues affecting women and we want to be clear about the vulnerabilities we can address. Global Women's priority is to partner with indigenous Christian leaders.

When you attend the Summit in March, you can meet Natasha, a great example of an indigenous Christian woman addressing one of these issues in her own community. We partner with her to see our vision fulfilled in her work and her community. Finally, we partner with like-minded organizations that give us opportunities to address issues where there may not yet be an indigenous Christian woman leading the effort. In these partnerships, we seek to see positive changes for women all over our world. This is exciting stuff!! I hope that as you read our vision and mission statement you will pray over them. These aren't just words to us. They are a map. As you travel this journey with us, I hope they guide you as you too fulfill our vision. May God bless us in this endeavor!