Rosa's One Wish

November 04, 2013  | Economic Development, Pray, Global Partner, Donate

During the months of November and December we want to celebrate all that God has done through our global partners by sharing a story with you each Tuesday. Our global partners are making a huge impact in lives of vulnerable women. Read along each week to learn more, and please share these stories with your friends. We hope that as you read these stories you are reminded of how God is at work in the world and the impact you can have by supporting Global Women. Thanks for standing up for vulnerable women around the world! Rosa was in prison for 7 years. When she got out she was given the chance to live at Seven Trees, a home for women that have been formerly incarcerated ran by our global partner Monika. Global Women supports the sewing classes offered to the women living at Seven Trees as a way to provide economic development.

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Life in prison in this Central Asian country (we do not share which country for their protection) can be very difficult. Rosa's son, Benjamin, was born while she was in prison. After his first three years of life in the prison, they moved him to an orphanage. When Rosa came to live at Seven Trees, her one wish was to have full custody of her son. Monika helped Rosa navigate a difficult system to get her son back. It took many months, but Rosa and her son were reunited this year. The story does not stop there! While Rosa was living at Seven Trees, she learned how to sew in the sewing classes supported by Global Women. Rosa now has a job working in a sewing factory, and she also came to know the Lord during her time at Seven Trees. Rosa got her one wish and so much more! We are so thankful for how God is working through our global partner Monika in Central Asia. Will you join us in praying for all of our global partners and donating to support their work? Click here to donate and click here to learn how your gift can make an impact.