May 27, 2014  | End Sex Trafficking, Donate, Global Partner

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Stella was born in a dysfunctional family. All she remembers is abuse, poverty, and loneliness. As she grew up, the problems got worse. Her father left for another women and her mother became an alcoholic and neglected Stella. She enjoyed school but she was forced to quit and start working at an early age. One day she saw an ad about a job in another country. After calling about the job, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to escape all her problems at home. The woman promised to take care of all the paperwork, and the job would provide a plane ticket and a place to live. Stella brought the lady her passport the next day, and then she had a waiting period before her departure date. During that time she started to have some doubts. She decided to call and ask some questions, but the lady informed her it was too late. She said she already spent time and money on the arrangements and she would have to pay that money back if she did not go. Stella felt her only option was to go and hope that it would all work out in the end. When she arrived at her final destination, she realized she had been trafficked and was sent to a brothel the day she arrived. This started the worst time in her life. She had never seen so much violence, indignity, and pain. Any disobedience was punished. Her life was unbearable. There was no one to help. Her life was full of long days and dark nights. After being there six months, she asked a client to take her to his home. While at his home, she had a brief moment alone while he was in the other room, and she called a help hotline. The help hotline was able to free Stella, arrest her pimp, and start a case against him. After returning to Moldova, she was sent a crisis center for women. It seemed like all the horror was over, but the pain was still there. She found strength to save her life, but after she did, she did not feel like she had a life worth living. She stopped trusting others and isolated herself. The crisis center sent her to Beginning of Life (BoL). It took time, but she started to open up and she began to heal. Stella commented on her life now saying, "My life has changed completely after arriving at the Beginning of Life center. At first I was in really bad shape, but step by step I begin to revive. Much later, with help from the BoL staff, I began to understand that not all people are the same and there is a better way in life. And I decide to walk that way. Also I've learned that my life can change if I want it to. I began to attend church. I've heard the Word of God for the first time and invited Him into my heart. I am extremely happy to be at the center." Stella is currently still at the center, she is planning on being baptized in her church soon, and hoping to finish her education. Stella's is not the only woman to seek help and healing at BoL. In fact, over 60 women in the last five years have been through the rehabilitation program at BoL. Will you consider giving a donation to Global Women today to help us continue to support Beginning of Life and our other global partners? We are so excited we have reached our $10,000 May Matching challenge goal! However, the challenge has been extended through the end of May! Consider donating today and your donation will be doubled!  Click here to donate.