Meet us in St. Louis!

October 18, 2013  | GW Event

Each time someone registers for the next Global Women Summit our excitement grows! When I was in Moldova I discovered that Natasha is excited about coming to meet you in St. Louis in March! 

We are thankful to have an awesome local planning team in St. Louis working to bring the event together to be the best summit yet. Did you know that it will be our ninth one?

The summit is such a unique time to connect with women (and a few men) from around the country, get to know more about our ministry partners, experience creative praying, taste foods from around the world, gain insight into the lives vulnerable women lead, and observe International Women's Day! That's a lot in just over a day-and-a-half!

But in 2014 there is even more to experience! On Thursday before the summit we will gather for a GW Party and Auction. The items that will be available are from countries where our global partners are at work. There will be items of all sizes and price ranges so everyone will have the opportunity to take home something special! Watch our website, Facebook page and future blogs for photos of some of the these items!

I love the Global Women Summit so much that I could talk on, and on about it! But I want you to discover what is being planned and begin to picture yourself in the GW story!

Have you been to a summit? If you have, leave us a comment about what you enjoyed and why you think someone should meet us in St. Louis, March 7-8, 2014!