Give a Gift, Change a Woman's Story

November 05, 2013  | Donate, Global Partner, Economic Development


Pobitra lives the farthest away from the Monahari Sewing Center in the Chitwan District of Nepal. It takes her at least seven hours to walk from her home to the training center½one way!  Others in the group walk 3-5 hours each way.  Because they live in such remote areas and cannot travel home each day, several rent a small room together in the village and stay during the week for training, returning to their homes on the weekend. When I met Pobitra during my June visit, she didn't take much time to talk with me½she was working on a training project, and it was clear that she was there to work and improve her skill while she had the chance to practice on the treadle sewing machine. It was extremely difficult for these women to make this 7-month commitment, but also very important to them. It is not only challenging to be away from their families each week, but also dangerous during their long journeys.  Especially during monsoon season, heavy rains can cause severe flooding, landslides, and illnesses from the cold and wet climate.  Other times, they may deal with extreme heat and dangers from robbers or wild animals.

I asked, "Why did you agree to participate in this program if it is so difficult and challenging?" It is very, very important to us to learn a skill.  It is difficult to get a job without a skill, and sewing pays well in Nepal.  We are so thankful for this RARE opportunity that will help to change things for us!  We hope we will learn well, be successful with sewing, and gain an income to contribute to our family. Today begins Global Women's end-of-year fundraising campaign.  We have set an ambitious goal to raise an additional $125,000 by the end of 2013.  Gifts given during last year's campaign, helped in 2013 to change the stories of many women like Pobitra.  We have shared throughout the year about women whose stories are changing because people like you chose to give a gift to Global Women. Your gifts this year to Global Women can help change stories for over 1,700 women through our 2014 projects.  Some in Haiti will go from being at high risk of losing their life when they deliver their baby, to having good odds of survival with a trained birth attendant present. Some will stop sitting home and wishing things were different, and will be trained as a community health care worker or weaver, become employed and become more confident and financially independent in Myanmar. Some women just out of prison and at high risk of being trafficked in Central Asia will learn a new job skill and embrace the message that they are loved and valued by God. Will you consider making a generous gift toward our goal of $125,000 to help change a woman's story?  You can give to GW through a check or on-line donation from our website where recurring gifts are also an option. Gifts of stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds benefit you while helping support our work. Contact GW for giving information.

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