Traveling to Burma

June 19, 2013  | GW Trip, Global Partner, Economic Development

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My recent to trip to Asia was cut short. I spent hours planning this trip and I was so excited to spend three weeks in Asia visiting with our global partners.  However, God had different plans! I got sick when we arrived in Burma (Myanmar), and it just seemed to get worse over the course of the week. Even after visiting the hospital I could not seem to get the right medicines to get my temperature down.  While we were in China on our way to Nepal, we decided it was best for me to travel back to the States and get medical attention.  It turned out to be a sinus infection that got way out of hand, but now I am feeling all better.  I think the Lord was reminding me that no matter what plans I make, He is the one that determines my steps (Proverbs 16:9). Though my trip was cut short, I still learned a lot and enjoyed my time in Burma.  I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the people and the amazing work of our global partners. I have so many amazing stories to share with you! But for now I have a quick video that will sum up our trip and give you a quick insight into what our trip was like.  We laughed over cups of tea with Kyi Kyi and Paw Gaw, taught skills and played games at the ZOE Center, listened and learned about life for women in Burma, and saw some amazing sights! [wpvideo icPs95hA]