Update from our Global Partners, Yulia and Natasha with Beginning of Life

May 13, 2013  | Donate, Global Partner, End Sex Trafficking

Beginning of Life (BoL) in Moldova has been one of our global partners for the last eight years.  Moldova is the poorest country in Europe.  Country-wide higher education for girls is not valued and jobs are scarce.  Motivated by the need to provide for their families and a desire for a better life, women are easy prey for human traffickers.  In the capital of Chisinau, BoL works among vulnerable women and victims of social injustice (human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse) through a wide range of holistic programs including: training for school teachers, youth outreach, counseling, groups for young mothers, and a residential program.  Yulia heads prevention activities while also serving as trained psychologist and Natasha leads the rehabilitation and restoration efforts.

Please click here for the latest update from Beginning of Life (BoL) in Moldova.
Natasha from BoL will be at the Global Women Summit, March 7-8, 2014, in St. Louis, Missouri.  Look for more information on the Summit soon!
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