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May 05, 2014  | Maternal Health, Global Partner, Donate

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We are just 6 days away from Mother's Day! And this Mother's Day we have 231 (and counting) more mom's to celebrate! Haiti is the worst place in the western hemisphere to give birth. However, we are partnering with Global Health Action (GHA) to do something about this! In the past 3 months the Traditional Birthing Attendants (TBAs) at GHA have helped 231 women give birth and have provided post-natal visit to 678 women!  Global Women helps provide funding and prayer support for monthly training for the TBAs. We were just in Haiti, and you can read more about our trip here. Thanks to our global partner GHA, we have more mother's to celebrate this Mother's Day! Do you have a mom you want to celebrate? Or maybe an amazing woman you want to honor for Mother's Day? Consider giving a gift to Global Women in her honor and be a part of celebrating more healthy moms and babies in Haiti! Also, don't forget your donations will be matched in the month of May! Click here to give to our May Matching Challenge and then leave a comment below telling us about your mom or the woman you are choosing to honor this week!  Check out the comment section below to see who I gave in honor of today!

The Global Women team with the TBAs last month. We attend one of their monthly training sessions.

The Global Women team with the TBAs last month. We attended one of their monthly training sessions.