What is worth walking 4 hours a day?

May 19, 2014  | Economic Development, Donate, Global Partner

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Kumari is 25 years old and has three sons, ages 4, 6, and 8 years old. Living in Nepal, she did her best to provide for her family through farming.  Kumari wanted to learn a skill so she could better provide for her family. Kumari was like many women in Nepal that long for a skill that will change their family's future. Thankfully, three years ago God gave Sangte a vision to start 777 Sewing Centers in Nepal. For the past four years, Global Women has been walking alongside Sangte as she runs these sewing centers. Kumari learned that one of these sewing centers was in a community 4 hours round trip by foot away from her home.

Kumari Prajha


She was able to get a spot in the class, hoping this skill would be her way to provide for her family. Attending was not easy for Kumari, because she had to walk 4 hours each day. Each day she walked, hoping to take steps closer to a better life for her and her family. She walked and walked and walked. But in-between all those steps, she learned, she worshiped God, she was surrounded by a great community of support, and she learned a skill. After 7 months of walking, this past December she graduated from the program. With her new skill, she decided to sell her goats and buy a sewing machine, praying that she could use it to earn an income. God answered her prayers! Sangte told me that she gets fabric from the local shop and sews from her home. Sangte goes on saying, "She is very happy and thankful to God and Global Women's ministry that she can have a source of income through her own skill." Kumari is not the only one benefiting from this program. In fact, we are excited that 46 new students just started the training. Will you join us in praying for these students? Will you consider giving a donation to Global Women today so we can continue to support the work on Sangte and our other global partners? Click here to donate and remember your donation is doubled in May during our May Matching Challenge.


Sangte and some recent graduates from one of the sewing centers.