Why I Connect with Global Women

August 05, 2013


Recently, I had a chance to ask Salaam Green a few questions about Global Women. A member of our Advisory Council, Salaam has been volunteering with GW for a year. We believe God directed her to us at a time we needed her expertise and she needed a group like us to connect with! How did you hear about Global Women? After doing an internet search for groups in the Birmingham metro area with efforts that support global issues I came upon the GW website. This provided to be effective in my search for a group that was supporting women globally in leading efforts to transform their lives and the lives of other women. GW's website, Facebook page, Twitter, and now their global blog has proven to keep me in constant contact with GW's comings and goings! What made you want to volunteer with Global Women?  Through reading the Global Women website and seeing the collaborative energies between GW and women leaders in other countries, I felt a deep passion and drive to want to become further educated on GW's mission and vision. I have a background in Women's Ministry, Education, and, Maternal Health/Women's Health. These concerns are at the forefront of GW's values. I hoped volunteering with GW in any way that would support meeting these objectives would aid GW in their transformative methods of coming alongside ministry leaders and women globally. Seeing the momentum with which the GW staff designed and delivered projects and cared for each designated concern inspired me to pursue further involvement opportunities.


Why do you think Global Women is important? GW supports service in core issues that are concentrated on producing global friendships and in creating and sustaining relationships that are rewarding to women in individual countries where vulnerable women are being served and loved. GW's grace-oriented dynamic toward effecting lasting change is truly the vehicle that transforms lives and the livelihood of vulnerable women and their communities. Anything else you want to share? I would encourage persons interested in influencing global initiatives to explore GW's give, go, pray, and do philosophy by connecting and becoming involved and encouraging others to do the same. Come alongside GW as they walk with women globally; join the conversation by signing up for their blog, stay linked via Twitter and personally view regular post on their Facebook page. Together we can be the catalyst that extends GW's boundaries towards impacting global programs that empower women to transform their worlds.