Why you should be celebrating today!

November 12, 2013  | Donate, Global Partner, Economic Development


Paw Gaw

Today we are celebrating our global partner Paw Gaw's birthday! I got the chance to hang out with Paw Gaw this past June and I have to say she is one of the most amazing women I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Paw Gaw is a woman that sold her wedding ring to help someone in need.  Paw Gaw is a woman that struggles to find time to sleep, because she is so busy serving. Paw Gaw is a woman that serves as a mother figure to dozens of women at ZOE Center and Loom Project. One of these women that looks up to Paw Gaw is named Beh Wah Shee. When Cyclone Nargis hit the country of Myanmar in 2008, she was only 15. Her parents were two of the 250,000 people killed in that national tragedy. There are many orphaned girls from the storm who, like Beh Wah Shee, are in danger of being taken advantage of by society, and not having sustenance to survive. 20130607-171354.jpg

Beh Wah Shee[/caption] Paw Gaw met her in a rural village and brought her to live at the Hope Center, which is partially funded by GW. Her tragic history caused her to be shy, insecure and lacking in confidence in her skills. Yet, she has learned to work the large loom at the center and is contributing to her livelihood by selling the items she makes. When I met Beh Wah Shee last June, she was being trained to become the associate director. I'm happy to write that I just got word last week from Paw Gaw that she is now what they call "senior staff" at the Loom Project, which gives us another reason to celebrate today! Beh Wah Shee is smiling more and standing taller! To continue celebrating today, will you consider donating to our end of the year campaign so that we can reach our goal of raising $125,000 by the December 31, 2013? Your gifts will help to change the stories of more than 1700 women in 2014. Click here to Give a gift, Change a Woman's Story!

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