Will you join me in prayer for our friends in Moldova?

September 10, 2013  | Pray, Global Partner, End Sex Trafficking


One of the ways we support our global partners is through prayer.  As I asked the women and staff at Beginning of Life (BoL) how we can pray for them, I heard our global partner Natasha say over and over, "Global women is a group that will actually pray for the things you ask." GW is an organization that believes in prayer, and I am thankful that our global partners know that we pray for them! Will you join me in praying the following prayer request I brought back from Moldova: The women at BoL camp asked us to pray for the following things.  Pray:

  1. For the health of their family, especially their children. And for the members of their family that do not know the Lord.
  2. For their education. Pray that they can continue or start their education, so they can have better employment opportunities.
  3. That they will be healthy in all aspects of their life.
  4. For job opportunities, so they are able to provide a steady income for their family.
  5. For safe homes. Finding an apartment can be a difficult, so pray they are able to find a safe, affordable place to live.

Natasha and Yulia

Natasha and Yulia[/caption] The BoL staff asked us to pray for the following things


  1. For the will of God for people that come to BoL, including the staff and the women.
  2. For wisdom for the BoL staff.
  3. The staff will continue to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of the women.
  4. For the staff to have fresh and new ideas on how to do their ministry.  Natasha said that, "We want to go forward. We want new vision, new understand, and new knowledge."
  5. That BoL is able to purchase a facility for the rehabilitation center (called House of Change). The house they currently use is a rented space. They want to own a house, so they can create the atmosphere that is best for the women.
  6. That everyday the staff will become closer to God. Natasha said, "This is the most important thing."
  7. For protection for the women from difficult situations and feelings that could cause them to consider suicide.
  8. For the GW and BoL partnership.
  9. For protection from burn out for the staff as they consistently hear stories that are difficult.
  10. For the leadership of BoL: Vladimir, Yulia, Natasha, Benjamin, Alla, and Peter.

 Will you join me in praying for our friends in Moldova? Comment below and let them know you are praying!  For a printer friendly version of the prayer request click here.