What's In You?

Aug 23, 2016

What’s In You? Many years ago, I was visiting friends and our usual tame conversation turned tense.  At first, we were all talking casually about ministry and work.  But, as the husband began sharing more about his professional aspirations, the tone shifted. Then, out of nowhere, the wife rolled her eyes and said, “If lazy and arrogant were…

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Ingenuity: How Women Make Something out of Nothing

Aug 15, 2016

INGENUITY: HOW WOMEN MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING My great grandmother perfected the art of making something out of seemingly nothing.  She made home décor items out of egg cartons and aluminum cans and purses from sea shells. She was not building an inventory for an eventual crafts business nor was she an aspiring visual artist.  She was a woman who felt the weight of responsibility of…

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Social Media / Marketing Internship Position Open

Aug 09, 2016

We're looking for a dynamic Social Media/ Marketing Intern! Are you looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of women and girls? Do you have creative marketing ideas, want to test social media strategies and/or want to gain valuable experience managing projects? We have just the right opportunity…

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Aug 08, 2016

TAKE THE LEAD PART II: FACING THE FUTURE Watching the world’s best athletes compete in the Olympic games has been thrilling.  I have cheered on the front runners and the underdogs, amazed at how much preparation they all put in for just one moment of glory. I have also been paying attention to those who never make it past the first heat. …

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TAKE THE LEAD Part I: We're Not Waiting for Superman

Aug 01, 2016

TAKE THE LEAD PART I: We're Not Waiting for Superman More than fifteen years ago, several women gathered to share their passion for international and interdenominational women’s ministry. As they surveyed the state of women being affirmed and equipped for global missions and professional ministry, they realized women were being left behind or left out on all sides of the…

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