Use your voice. Share your story. Inspire action.

February 10, 2017  | My Story Project

Global Women is passionate about empowering women. We want to create as many channels as possible to talk about issues affecting women and girls. We also want to give women an opportunity to tell their own stories, in their own voices to build understanding and inspire action. 

My Story is a new blog series designed to capture women's voices and facilitate dynamic exchange. Every week, our team will post a question for reflection and invite women to respond with their own personal stories, testimonies, music, even art!  


When will the My Story Project launch?

The project is scheduled to begin the week of February 20th.  We will use our social media channels to publicize the launch.

How will the "exchange" work?

Every Wednesday, Global Women will post a question for reflection on its blog page. After the question is posted, Global Women will collect responses and share them from Saturday-Sunday each week on its blog page.

Who can participate?

Our blog is public. Anyone can respond to any question posted. However, responders will have to log-in to one of serveral applications linked to upload their comments and/or files. 

What is the process for submitting responses?

At the bottom of every blog post there is a section for "comments." You can type a comment directly in the text box or upload a file. You must own or have the right to distribute any and all content submitted. You must also give Global Women permission to share the information submitted to audiences of its choosing.

What types of files can I upload?

  • Image files: jpg, gif
  • Documents: pdf
  • Audio: mp3
  • Video: mp4, mov