This year marks a significant season of renewal for Global Women. The organization will mark its 2017 Annual Meeting with a planned full transition of the board and staff.

The transition is the result of significant strategic planning, organizational assessment, and discernment by the Board and the Executive Director. It is expected to accomplish two goals:

  1. Empower leadership among new board members with a wide ranging set of non-profit skills to cast a vision for serving the causes of Global Women.
  2. From that vision, engage a staff that will meet the needs of the organization.

President Misty Granade commented, “God has provided for this organization at every step of the way and I am thankful for God’s continued provision. I have never been more excited about Global Women’s future than I am today. We extend our gratitude to Stacy Blackmon for courageously leading us through this process and to the current board for its service.”

The newly formed team has great enthusiasm for Global Women’s mission. Onboarding and transition activities are underway. This includes setting up times to connect with stakeholders and ensuring a smooth operational transition. Your prayers are appreciated during this time.

Becky Smith of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) commented, “Global Women has been a valued partner for CBF in helping raise awareness in our churches, as well as working toward our common goal of impacting the lives of vulnerable women across the world, especially in the areas of trafficking and economic development. We look forward to continuing this cooperation in the new structure, thankful for good partners as we seek to be the presence of Christ in our global communities.”

As we look ahead, you can expect to get an update on Global Women’s plans and key accomplishments. There are three key guiding goals:

  1. Maintain ministry quality and levels during the transition
  2. Onboard new leaders thoughtfully and comprehensively
  3. Expand the impact of Global Women exponentially

Incoming Board President, Romanita Hairston-Overstreet commented, “Global Women’s mission is relevant and important to overcoming the challenges we face today. I am eager to bring my passion and experience to the organization in partnership with my fellow board members. The road ahead is bright; we will build upon the good work of past leadership and innovate for the future.”