Abandonment. Abuse. Violence. Trauma.  Most people shy away from talking about such difficult topics.  But, for Beginning of Life (BOL), it is ministry. BOL works to combat human trafficking and sexual violence in Moldova. Many of their life-changing programs can be described as psychological assistance and include services such as individual counseling and art therapy. For women like Vera, this work bridges the gap between hurt and hope.

Vera’s Story

By the time Vera entered BOL’s doors, most of her life had been marked by neglect and abuse.  At a young age, she was abandoned by her parents and forced to live in an orphanage. Eventually, an aunt and an uncle began spending time with her on the weekends. But, her dream of being in a happy, loving family was short lived.
Vera was sexually assaulted by her uncle. Although these are hard words for many of us to hear, it was an even harder experience for Vera to endure. Depression, fear and feelings of desperation soon became her companions.  Once Vera encountered BOL, though, a glimmer of light began to shine through her darkness. After just a few months of counseling and art therapy, she began breaking her silence and breaking free from her pain.

Your Opportunity to Make a Difference

Global Women is a key funder of BOL’s psychological assistance programs.  Last year, we were able to play an important role in empowering women just like Vera. But, there is so much more we can do.
Global Women has committed to supporting BOL’s counseling and art therapy programs in 2017. We need your help to deliver on this promise.

A gift of $35, $50, $100 or $500 would go a long way towards funding this critical program. Please consider giving today.


Ways To Give

  • Give online by using our secure donation page.
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  • Mail a check to our office at: PO Box 1535, Pelham, AL 35124