Global Women is a key partner of Zoe Development Center and their Community Health Care Training Program (Myanmar). The center equips young women, who have few options to earn a livable wage, with basic health care skills that increase their employability. Some of the  women that complete the program secure jobs in city hospitals and other care facilities. Others decide to return to their villages to serve rural communities that would not otherwise have access to a health care professional.

A Program that Works
This past year, 19 young women joined the 14th cohort of trainees.  After completing an entrance examination and personal interview, the participants received both classroom instruction and practical training with doctors and nurses in clinical settings.  The training phase culminated with a final exam and we are happy to report that all 19 trainees passed successfully!
We are even more excited to share that within one month of completing the final exam, 10 graduates became employed at local hospitals and 6 graduates returned to their respective villages to provide much needed health care services. (The remaining 3 graduates are in application and/or interview processes with medical facilities.) For these graduates, the Community Health Care Training program has been more than an educational experience.  It has been a life line. 

Your Opportunity to Change a Life
Global Women’s donors played a big part in this program’s success last year.  Because of their ongoing support, we were able to provide funds for scholarships and supplies for women who would not have been able to afford to attend the training otherwise.
But, the work is not done yet! Global Women has committed to supporting young women in the 15th training cohort. We need your help to deliver on this promise.
For just about $500, we can provide a young woman with full-year training scholarship, as well as the supplies and other support she needs to successfully complete the program.

Will you consider giving a one- time gift of $500 or a monthly gift of $45 to help one woman move from poverty to self-sufficiency through the Community Health Care Training program?
We cannot do it without you!

Ways to Give

  • Give online by using our secure donation page.
    Yes…I want to give a one-time gift of $500 today to support women in the Community Health Care Training Program. I will make a donation online today.
  • Mail a check to our office at: PO Box 1535, Pelham, AL 35124